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We produce your bespoke dealership brochures free of charge

We are one of the leading media publicists for high end marques. The publication contains content that includes but is not limited to dealership history, current motor car models, and future auto brand concepts.  All you have to do is provide the words and the photographs and leave the rest to us.

Sound too good to be true?


This is a bespoke publication for your dealership, including location pictures and hours of business and of course detailed information on the latest available range. The history of a dealership is an interesting section especially when some dealerships history can span almost a century. It instills confidence not only in the manufactures Marque but in you; the people providing the vehicle.

A foreword from the dealer principle also speaks volumes and is sometimes accompanied by photographs of key members of staff. You may even decide to dedicate a page of information and pictures to each of the key members of staff and the respective departments such as the sales team, approved pre-owned motorcars, aftersales and the guarantee of the highest levels of service. Finance may require its own section as it is an indispensable prerequisite these days in the purchase of most vehicles.

Supported by exclusive high profile sponsors in your region we are able to publish this superb brochure for you. The corporate sector has enjoyed and experienced the benefits of this form of promotion for some time. Now you too can enjoy the same with your own showroom dealership brochure.


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